4 Things to Consider Before Starting A Renovation in Black Rock

There are many reasons to live, or invest in real estate, in Black Rock, but sometimes the property is not perfect, sometimes you need to look at a renovation.

What’s not to love about Black Rock? We have great shops, great schools, a great community and, most importantly, the beach!

There are many reasons to want to live, or invest in real estate, in Black Rock, but sometimes the property you have is not perfect. Sometimes you need to look at a renovation. 

As a construction company working predominantly in the Black Rock area, we wanted to write this article to help local residents that may be thinking about a renovation. We have shared with you some practical tips to make the renovation process as smooth as possible.

Be Clear About What You Want To Get Out Of The Renovation

The first question you need to ask yourself is “why am I thinking about this renovation?” There may be a number of reasons – to enhance your living space in your family home, and for investment properties you may be looking at enhancements either to gain higher rents or a higher sale price if you are looking to sell. Your why is important. For example, if you are talking about an investment property, you don’t want to over-capitalise on the property, spending more money and ruining your return on investment.

Ensure You Have The Necessary Knowledge

When looking at a renovation, you may need to lodge plans with Council and likely need permits, especially if any renovation changes the exterior of our property (for example adding an extra room). Doing this in Black Rock, you should engage a local expert, like us here at Conrad Constructions. We have extensive experience dealing with local Council and ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Set a Realistic Budget and Timeframe

It’s important that you understand how much a renovation will cost, and the timeframe in which it can happen. At the time of writing this post, there are some concerns around supplies and labour costs are also growing. You need to factor this all in when looking at budgets and timeframes for the construction of your renovation. At Conrad Construction, we will give you realistic timeframes for everything and can give you advice on a realistic budget.

Understand the Local Area and What People Are Buying

Different suburbs have different flavours when it comes to property styles that are there. Many suburbs, Black Rock included, are divided into areas where different property types are more appealing. Given our local knowledge and expertise, we can help you gain a better understanding of the popular property types in that area. It may not be relevant for you now, but you may not live in this current property forever. We want you to be happy with your renovation so will share with you advice on the best styles of renovation for your property.

If you are thinking about renovating your Black Rock property we would love for you to give us a call. We’d love to chat to you about your options and see how we can help you make the right choices for your property and circumstances.

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