Bayside Townhouses

Situated in the beachside suburb of Beaumaris, this 1950s home was transformed into two new modern townhouses.

Location: Beaumaris
Type: Residential
Task: Situated in the beachside suburb of Beaumaris, this 1950s home was transformed into two new modern townhouses.

Overview: Built in the 1950s, the original house built on the land was, as to be expected, quite dated and required a large amount of repairs due to general deterioration over time. After much thought and consideration, the clients decided that due to the land size and demand of bayside living, they would transform this land, giving it new life as two modern townhouses. The townhouses were thoughtfully designed with their future occupants in mind. Important features such as large living spaces, and plenty of natural light penetrations were included to create these family friendly homes. These townhouses were designed to highlight the highly desirable bayside lifestyle, while ensuring complete comfort and boasting modern style. Difficulties Faced: Working in collaboration with Murley Design, Conrad Construction was excited and ready to take on this project. The challenges came in the strict compliance with the vegetation overlay regulations that came from Bayside Council. In line with the regulations, Conrad Construction needed to ensure that any native vegetation that was greater than 2 metres tall and had a trunk of 50cm wide in circumference, including the roots, was protected during the build. Solution: By taking extra care and installing temporary fencing, Conrad Construction was able to adhere to the Bayside City Council Vegetation Overlay Regulations. The temporary fencing proved to be an effective solution that ensured the health and safety of all those onsite as well as to the established environment. Products Used: Conrad Construction always uses the highest quality products in all of their projects. For the Beaumaris Townhouses some of the products used include: – CSR Hebel Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). – Engineered oak floorboard and wool mix carpets. – Bosch appliances – Caesarstone benchtops – Haffele soft close technology. Result The final results of the Beaumaris Townhouse build was two breathtaking new properties that boast modern charm and highly desirable family friendly features. The clients were extremely happy with the quality and expertise that Conrad Construction brought to the build. In fact the clients were so impressed with the final result that exceeded their expectations, that they decided to keep one townhouse for themselves instead of selling them both.
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