New Home Progress Inspections

New Home Progress Inspection

When building a new home, it can be worrying how things are traveling as you may not have much control. A lot of people are going down the route of building new homes these days and it can be really daunting if you have no idea about building, construction or other things regarding your new home. When building your new home you are entitled to a New Home Progress Inspection, this is when you take a building inspector or you have the builder of your home conduct and go through the progress of your home before the final stages. This can be really useful for you to see how things are going, if everything is staying on track and a great opportunity for you to change things if need be.

Seeing your home at this stage can be really exciting, you most likely haven’t seen your new home since it was a slab of concrete or stumps on a block of land. Here at Conrad Construction and Management we are happy to conduct a new home progress inspection with you.

If you are building or looking to build within the Mornington Peninsula or South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne we are more than happy to have a chat with you.