Building defect inspections & reports

What is a building defect report?

A building defects report provides you with information about the condition of your property. This includes any work that may be required to bring the property up to an acceptable standard for occupation or sale, as well as advice on whether the property has previously suffered damage due to fire, flooding, storm or earthquakes.

Who uses a building defect inspection report?

A building defects inspection is used by anyone buying, selling or leasing property in Australia. It’s an essential part of the process when engaging a builder to perform any type of renovation or construction work. This includes both residential and commercial properties regardless of its age or condition.

What does Conrad Construction do?

Conrad Construction offers the following services: Building defect reports at a set price Conrad Construction offer inspection of all houses for building defects, Conrad Construction inspections are carried out by qualified and registered builders that carry  licenses to perform theses type of work.