Eyes First Springvale

To transform and modernise the Eyes First consultation and waiting rooms, and make them more accessible.

Commercial Medical Centre
Architect – John Taylor Architect
Location: Springvale
Type: Commercial
Task: To transform and modernise the Eyes First consultation and waiting rooms, and make them more accessible.

Overview: Eyes First in Springvale was set for a major transformation. Architecturally designed by renowned architect John Taylor, the upgrades were purposefully designed to provide easier disabled access to the building. This was an essential upgrade to the building given the possibility of eye injuries in patrons visiting the premises. After being recommended to Eyes First through an electrical/hydraulics consultants office that Conrad Construction have done multiple projects for, the Conrad Construction team were excited to tackle the project. Difficulties Faced: The Eyes First Springvale Clinic is set in a beautiful old church, which while visually and architecturally unique, did pose a few challenges. The main challenges faced stemmed from the outdated plumbing, which required several upgrades in order for Conrad Construction to implement and meet all standards required in a doctors surgery. Another challenge was providing the clinic with a modernised and fresh feel, without losing any of the original charm and history that came with the beauty of the old church. Solution: Through careful planning and expert execution, the Conrad Construction team were able to successfully remove and upgrade the outdated plumbing to meet all the required standards for the doctors clinic. The original beauty of the building was also maintained with several carefully thought out design elements. These included several exposed wood doors which were specifically designed for the project to maintain a comforting natural feel and to also match in with the existing timber ceiling. Products Used: NA Result After the project’s completion the client was completely wowed by the level of detail and expert execution that Conrad Construction displayed. From the small details that paid homage to the building’s heritage to the seamless integration of the modern and fresh updates, it was found to be the perfect balance for the Eyes First Springvale clinic. The client could not recommend Conrad Construction enough, and still provides a glowing reference of their work to this day.
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