Sandringham Townhouses

An ideally situated block of land in Sandringham was transformed from a 1960’s home into two new sleek and modern townhouses.

Location: Sandringham
Type: Residential
Task: An ideally situated block of land in Sandringham was transformed from a 1960’s home into two new sleek and modern townhouses

Overview: Originally purchased in the 1960’s, this brick single story dwelling was located on a big block that presented plenty of opportunity for the owners. With ample room it was decided that the original buildings would be torn down to allow for 2 sleek and modern side by side townhouses designed by Merley Designs and built by Conrad Constructions. The townhouses were specifically designed with the idea of capturing as much natural light as possible in each home, which is a common problem in side by side townhouses. By including cathedral ceilings in each home, Merley Designs allowed plenty of natural light to filter through creating a glowing oasis – which was a big selling point for the Sandringham homes. Difficulties Faced: There were a few challenges that Conrad Construction faced at the beginning of this renovation. Before demolitions could begin, Conrad Construction had to acquire planning permission to demolish the existing house, which can be a drawn out process in itself, but it was also discovered that there was a building material covenant on the land. This meant we would need to include brick or stone in the new build design with the current covenant in place. The removal of the building material covenant, could lead the project to become quite time consuming and expensive for the client. Solution: While removing covenants from a land title can be tricky and quite the process especially when they sometimes may not even get passed – it can also be worth it. With Conrad Construction’s extensive experience they were able to assist their client throughout the process and the covenant was successfully removed. This meant that the owners now had complete design freedom and Conrad Construction could move ahead with the planned design by Merley Designs. Products Used: Conrad Construction used a wide range of high quality products to complete this renovation including: CSR Hebel Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) – As a leading manufacturur of AAC, CSR is a trusted name in building products. Hevel is a strong yet lightweight building product that is available in panels or blocks. Kind to the environment, quick to build and better to live in this was the perfect choice for the fire wall between the properties. Result The clients were over the moon with how the renovations of the Sandringham townhouses turned out. A combination of Conrad Construction’s expert craftsmanship and the quality products used, resulted in two perfectly executed Merley Design homes that were very attractive to the property market. Conrad Construction’s client was able to achieve a fantastic result when they sold, and could not have been happier. Get in touch with Conrad Construction to discuss your own home renovation project, and let our years of industry experience and knowledge bring your building dreams to life.
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