Quality Custom Builders – Why You Should Choose One

For most people their dream home is their biggest aspect. Building your dream home, or renovating your current home to turn it into your dream home, can be a highly emotional time. There’s a lot involved in the decision making process.

It’s a big decision, and one that comes with a  lot of risk. It is for this reason that you need to make sure that you take your time making this decision, and you ensure that you choose a quality custom builder with local knowledge. 

There are a lot of builders to choose from – there are those that build template homes in volume and there are those that are quality custom builders like us. 

We hope that with this article you will understand why your dream home needs a quality custom builder.

Our local knowledge benefits you

Local knowledge can save you from experiencing problems down the track. There are a number of factors that can impact your home locally, and a quality custom builder will be able to give you the best advice to take advantage of the best of your location, whilst also avoiding potential problems in the future. From our base at Mount Eliza, we’ve had decades of experience building quality homes across the Mornington Peninsula. Our understanding of local climate and conditions helps us to educate you on the building process, meaning you get to make a more informed decision. Further, we are used to dealing with local councils and any permit requirements.

We offer unmatched, personalised service

Quality custom builders like us pride ourselves on working for you. Where many high volume builders only want easy builds on flat blocks, we customise your home. We want it to suit you and your family. We’ll discuss your desires and we’ll discuss your budgets, coming up with a plan that suits both.

We pride ourselves on honesty and reliability

When you work with us we think that honesty and reliability is important. We’ll always be upfront and honest with you. Our quotes are detailed and our timelines for construction are well thought out. Yes, sometimes things change, but our contracts are clear and everything is above board. We’ll also regularly update you about all aspects of the construction process and make sure you are fully informed.  

Our track record speaks for itself

As we mentioned in the introduction, your dream home will likely be your biggest investment. A quality custom builder will have testimonials,  case studies and photos online.  If you check out our website you’ll see numerous examples of our quality custom builds. And the results achieved for our clients speak for themselves. If you are looking at other builders, make sure they have this information about their projects. 

If it is time for you to build your dream home and you are looking for a quality custom builder, then we want to have a chat with you. We’d love to explore how we can create your dream home together. 

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